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Maintenance Free Colour Coated

Steel Fence

Elite Fence

Our standard panel is 6’ x 8’ wide.  Prices vary depending on colour and finish!  Call the office today for a quote, you will be surprised at the value.

Guaranteed to provide you with immediate relief from the pain associated with painting your fence annually!

No risk of damage from rotting, high winds or excessive moisture. Strong, tough and weather resistant steel fencing that looks great and lasts!

As this is an investment in your property don’t settle for a temporary solution. We provide the widest range of coloured steel available anywhere in the market. We also offer “Wood Grain” Steel styles. It’s so adjustable and flexible that it can be retro-fitted to existing post configurations, steel or concrete. We have designed the Slaney Range so that we can offer a dual colour scheme to you and your neighbour. Our material has a superior durable abrasion resistant front and back colour coating. It’s galvanised steel substrate is extremely corrosion resistant. The colours will match the new steel garden sheds which have become very popular in the last few years.

Illustration of Material

layers illustration

Our maximum capacity is 8 metres this is a perfect length for those of you who want to cover an old building, wall, shed etc. 

We have found a solution for every challenging job, ensuring we have happy customers.

  • Our standard panel measures 2.44m long x 0.5m high. These can be built in sections as high or low as you personally require. (Exceeding 6'3" high is not recommended.)
  • Existing posts can be retrofitted with these panels if they are sturdy enough to support a new fence and are aligned correctly.
  • If 2.44 metre lengths do not suit your application then we can customise panel length to suit your needs. 
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