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Maintenance Free Colour Coated

Steel Fence



The SmartFence panels are a simple cost-effective way of turning your garden from an eyesore into an eyecatching! The steel Plastisol coated panels are guaranteed for 25 years. They are maintenance free, wind and weather proof, they can't blow out. The Eco friendly SmartFence increases desireablity of your home while giving peace of mind by making your garden safe, secure and private.

The SmartFence is as simple as it is innovative. Steel panels with a 25 year guarantee, that slide between fence posts. Set one on top of another and complete with a finishing rail. You’re done! It keeps its looks, shape and colour for decades.




Don't let this happen to you!

The SmartFence is Wind and Weather Proof.

"An exceptional performance from an indigenous manufacturer"....................................The Hardware Journal 2019

Assembly of the SmartFence

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